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The “Your Pain is Mine” CD can be ordered online







The “Your Pain is Mine” CD and Inspirational Community Anthem represents the call of the Inter-Faith Social Change Movement. Far too often so many of us depending on what we are going through in life feel alone as if on one really understands, or even care. The inspiration message of this CD is a testimony to the human spirit of spreading the word of God in helping one another to find peace and comfort in resolving the adverse conditions of life. We may not be able to feel what another person is going through, but we can always extend a helping hand and say as the lyrics proclaim, I am here for you and that “Your Pain is Mine.” Please take a moment, listen to our composition and support the Inter-Faith Social Change Movement through your purchase donation.





Beyond the Comfort Zone - Redefining the Expectations of Success

By Minister Steven T. Robinson















While this book is not written to be a complete autobiography it does provide an insight in to some of my experiences that have influenced the purpose of my life. Beyond the comfort zone, redefining the expectations of success is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit to discover and obtain the impossible. To philosophically look beyond the comfort zone of our insecurities, fears and perceived limitations while ultimately redefining the expectations of our desired success. It allows the reader from a historical and biblical perspective to exam with motivation the significance of our intellectual life influence and the critical necessity of its replication. Ultimately, and with the conclusion to be inspired through our shared trials and tribulations or testimonies based upon the blessings of God, knowing that all life in its infinite capacity of experiences is an interrelated opportunity of producing a productive change.

To place an order please contact the Author House Publishing Company




Business and Career Exploration                               Business and Career Exploration

         Program Curriculum                                        Program Student Activity Workbooks


The Business and Career Exploration Program examines the importance of personal responsibility, good work habits and how it relates to educational and career achievements. It provides students with reality based life experiences of business and career options through learning projects, entrepreneurship opportunities, mentoring, visitations, and special events at the schools. Students also learn the importance of financial responsibility, how to write resumes, participate in mock interviewing, public specking and a special entrepreneurial involvement project appropriately titled “Minding My Own Business.”


Student workbooks, based on the program’s curriculum, reinforce and deepen what is taught and approved in the area of social studies. The workbooks are filled with fun activities and focus on the development of students’ individual interests, and how individual interests can be the motivation for study and eventual career success.


To purchase the Business and Career Exploration Program Please call the Author House Publishing Company at 1-888- 519-5121, Ex. 5022, and provide the following information.

Business and Career Exploration Program Curriculum

ISBN – Number is – 9781438973272 – by Steven T. Robinson

Business and Career Exploration Program Student Activity Workbook 

ISBN – Number is – 9781467024686 – by Steven T. Robinson

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