Minister Steven T. Robinson, Founded the Interfaith Social Change Movement, (IFSCM) in 2013, and is recognized as one of the most an innovative, influential and outspoken spiritual leader of our time, in addition to being a progressive pioneer in the education of disadvantaged children. As a former teacher of the Philadelphia School District who experienced the tragic deaths of two of his former students, he answered the call from God, completed his theological studies as a minister, and created the IFSCM organization symbolic to what it represents - “Bringing people together from all walks of life and transforming lives through the word of God – As Minister Robinson has stated on many occasions, Our purpose and mission of who we are is - Where making a difference represents the testimony of one’s faith”

Far too often as diligent members of worship, many of us become desensitized to the societal ills of sin and moralistic decay. The false representation of our weekly practice of attending service in the absence and performance of righteous deeds is truly the travesty of our own salvation.

Symbolic to his dedication and character, Minister Robinson affectionately known as Rev. and short for his nickname of Revelation is an author of various books and a musician who wrote and composed the organization's inspirational community anthem "Your Pain is Mine," and has received from the Mayor's office and City Council numerous citations and proclamations for the diligence of his work in the community, and in collaboration with many civic, private and community-based organizations.