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The Inter-Faith Social Change Movement, Inc.

“Bringing people together from all walks of life and transforming lives though the word of God.– Our purpose and mission of who we are is - Where making a difference represents the testimony of one’s faith”

Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: Mathew 28:19

Historical Relevance

The Inter-Faith Social Change Movement was founded on March 6th, 2013 by the Honorable Minister Steven T. Robinson, is a non-profit, tax exempt 501c3 organization consisting of a coalition of religious institutions, business owners, educators, community leaders and concerned neighbors throughout the Philadelphia area.

Inter-faith’s mission and purpose is built upon the Founder’s belief that the theological premise, adhered to by all major religions, that the alleviation of human suffering and the protection and nurturing of children are paramount obligations. Interfaith seeks to empower the disadvantaged to view their spiritual, academic and social enrichment as critical in their development, and the catalyst to effect individual, family, and ultimately, community transformation.

Over the past few decades, the IFSCM has emerged as one of the most prominent influential leaders in affecting policy, political, and educational reform, in addition to promoting racial justice and the eradication of violence. As a testament to its relevance, the IFSCM has served over 70,000 individuals and partnered with more than 400 religious congregations / institutions, educational institutions, civic and service organizations and operates numerous programs that have been recognized as game changers within the community. Some of it’s most historic and unique contributions include, the first of its

kind and approved educational supplement entitled “The Business and Career Exploration Curriculum and Student Activity Workbooks for Elementary and Middle School -Aged Children by the School District of Philadelphia’s Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Support, and in working with local and governmental / elected officials, soon to be an approved method of violence reduction, the passing of the James Lambert Jr. Parental and Guardian Supportive Measure of Accountability for the Conduct of Minors.


As an organization we are committed by our faith not to convert anyone from on faith to another because the very nature of seeking salvation is by free will, but to practice in action what we believe to make a significant difference in the lives of our most vulnerable, victimized and disadvantaged so that they may see the glory of God’s kingdom.


Through faith in action our belief is that we have an obligated responsibility to the nurturing foundation of opportunities that will ensure that our children and disadvantaged can realize and develop toward their full potential as productive members of our society.

No matter what problems may exist in our society, as concerned individuals working together, we can and will

find a solution. For it is only by serving as an example of what is possible, are we able to become the beacons of light for those suffering through the darkness of their own adversity.


Regardless of the expertise - we all can serve, give back and help someone less fortunate. As authors of our own lives, we all have a story to tell. Somewhere in the lessons of what we have learned is the avenue of support that we can give to help someone less fortunate and through participation this is our true meaning and represents what the Inter-Faith Social Change Movement is all about.

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